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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pelvic floor therapist?

A pelvic floor therapist is an occupational or physical therapist who has taken extra training and education to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. A pelvic floor therapist is one who treats dysfunctions based on problems with peeing, pooping, sex, pregnancy or postpartum difficulties.

What does pelvic floor therapy involve?

Pelvic floor therapy can include as much or as little as you desire. Typically we utilize techniques such as external manual therapy, internal manual therapy (although helpful, it is not necessary), and personalized exercises and education to reach your goals.

What does the first visit typically look like?

The first pelvic floor visit is the evaluation. This is where we get to know you and make a rehabilitation plan specific to you. The visit starts with a conversation with the therapist about your history, your concerns and your goals for pelvic floor therapy. Then we will look at your strength, mobility, balance, posture, how you move in typical tasks to assess for underlying causes and areas we can improve. If agreeable, we may perform an internal pelvic muscle assessment for a better understanding of your pelvic floor specifically. Throughout the visit we educate you on the ins and outs of the pelvic floor, things we can address in rehabilitation, and recommendations. The visit typically ends in a conversation where we answer any questions and create the recommended plan to reach your goals.
Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, you will most likely be asked to perform tasks such as squatting, moving, or even lifting. If it is determined necessary, you may have an internal vaginal exam (with your consent) and this involves the therapist's fingers and lubrication. The musculature throughout the pelvic floor will be assessed. This can possibly contribute to some soreness. If you have questions or concerns about your first visit or the internal examination please speak with your doctor prior to your appointment.

Will I be given exercises or recommendations for at home?

Yes! We believe that a great deal of progress is made at home between visits! We give a home exercise program and recommend modifications at each visit to progress and help you reach your goals with as little time in clinic as possible!

Do you accept my insurance?
We are a "fee for service" provider. We do not contract with any insurance companies. We choose to be an out-of-network provider in order to provide better, more holistic services for you. By not contracting, we can offer a higher quality package that truly encompasses you and your goals, and not just what insurance wants your goals to be.


Can you provide a superbill?
Yes, we can provide you a superbill upon request for you to submit to your insurance company. A superbill is a receipt that includes your diagnosis code(s), treatment codes, billing units, and how much you paid. Reimbursement depends on your insurance and the out-of-network percentage. For more questions, please call your insurance company as every plan and company is different.

What do you treat as a pelvic floor specialty clinic?

We treat conditions of the pelvic floor and facilitate with healthy, pain free pregnancy and postpartum stages. Conditions of the pelvic floor include stress incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, diastasis recti, pain with sex, tailbone pain, hip pain, fecal incontinence, constipation, difficulty having full bowel movement, interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome), hypertonic or hypotonic pelvic floor, prolapse, heaviness, etc. Please call us at (717)220-3116 to discuss your concerns and how we can help!

Can I bring my baby with me?

Yes, absolutely! Child care is not always feasible and you deserve to be cared for! I encourage moms to bring their child so we can assess and educate in real time on proper lifting mechanics, postural alignment when carrying a child, baby wearing, breastfeeding, mommy and me exercises etc.

How long are visits?

Most often our visits run about 1 hour. Within that time frame you are one on one with the therapist working collaboratively towards your goals. Here at Thrive Pelvic Therapy LLC, we don’t have a busy gym, there is no waiting to use equipment, or therapist balancing multiple patients! We value your time!

How long will therapy take?
As much as we wish we could give you a definitive answer, the truth is that it depends on so many factors. We typically start to see improvements after 3-4 sessions and see clients between 8 and 12 total sessions.

How frequently should I expect to see you?

This also depends but we will usually see our clients once per week for a few weeks, and then every other week, then every month, etc. We help you reach your goals and then you get to live your life!


Medical Disclaimer

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